Curriculum Vitae

Education and work experience

Born and raised in a rural area close to the North Sea Dorothee developed a close personal relationship with the countryside which has greatly influenced her goal driven and optimistic character for years to come. After finishing secondary school and spending six months abroad in the United States, she started her law studies in Munich before transferring to Hamburg and Münster. Dorothee passed her first state examination in law at the OLG Hamm, NRW.

Upon graduating she moved to Geneva to develop her language skills in French and gain valuable experience abroad.

Her legal clerkship in Germany and Paris as well as the second state examination in Düsseldorf, allowed Dorothee to work as an executive assistant of a large fashion retailer in Münster, where she was able to execute her true passion for economics and the interconnectivity of capital and free market behaviour.

Subsequently she moved back to Munich where Dorothee started her work in an international portfolio and consulting firm. Ms. Hiby-Durst became responsible for opening the firm´s second office in Hamburg, Germany. She was then asked to move back to the parent company to acquaint herself with the facts regarding trusts.

During her marriage, Dorothee was involved in her husband`s malting firm, taking care of organisation, event management and facilitating close customer relations.

Since 1988 she has been managing a substantial agricultural estate in Ireland and since 2001 she has been as well leading and supervising litigations for her clients in Ireland, a task that helped her to acquire an in-depth understanding of the Irish legal system.

Simultaneously she focused on law studies in Germany in civil law and has recently completed her specialisation in International Business Law, which was executed by the DeutscheAnwaltAkademie, Berlin. Before moving to Scotland she worked in a law firm in Hannover.

In September 2015 she started to work on different international business and environmental law cases for CMS Cameron McKenna in Edinburgh.

In 2017 she was working with an International Law Firm in Hamburg for some months and is now operating her own office.

Extra curricular activities

Her son Maximilian, 24, graduated from Appleby College, Oakville, Toronto, Canada . He studied Economics and Politics at the University of Exeter and in Munich and received his bachelor degree in July 2016. In October 2017 he finished his master studies in Marketing at the ESADE business and law school/ Barcelona and is working with Beiersdorf/ Hamburg since September 2017.

Dorothee enjoys travelling, architecture, foreign cultures, politics, global food and environmental issues and is an active athlete. She is a member of numerous charity institutions and a co-founder of a society that focuses on supporting children with dyslexia.

Furthermore, has she become a new member to the Rotary Club of Edinburgh.

Her main areas of interest and focus in law are: International private and business law, European law, litigation, arbitration, CISG.

Dorothee is a native speaker in both English and German and also speaks sufficient levels of French and Spanish.